BENTO, boxed lunch for work

Today’s topic is our bento culture. As many of you know, bento is boxed lunch. Japanese very famous author Tanizaki once wrote in his work, In Praise of Shadow, Japanese people are very good at polishing things and make top notch quality products using much wisdom and ideas. And the same thing can be said in our good old bento culture too. Bento is getting attentions in other countries also these days.


 Nobody in Japan ever dreamed of bento could become an icon for COOL JAPAN 20 years ago. It is such a daily common thing we used to believe. To be international is to be subjective and objective toward your own culture. And tell your opinions of your own country with your own words in two viewpoints, if you can do so freely that means you are international I suppose. To have subjective and objective viewpoints are really important.

 手作り弁当がニッポンの魅力を発信するCOOL JAPAN のアイコンになり得るだなんて、20年前は誰も気付いていませんでした。人がインターナショナルかどうかは、海外の特に西洋のものを舶来趣味的に有り難がることではなく、自国の文化や精神性を主観と客観の二つの視点で捉えて自分の言葉で語れるかどうかで分かると思います。主観と客観の二つの視点は大切で、マーケティングの方法論からしてもセルフプロデュースをするモデルやタレントにしても、今ここにあるものに別の角度から光を当てて付加価値をつけ人の購買意欲をくすぐるというのが定石ですから。

 To tell the truth, I use two viewpoints tactfully, by going back and forth I’m writing this blog. Yes, I’m writing about bento. We make bento putting in rice and side dishes into lunch box. We think of colors and nutritions and of course good taste. Some of Japanese bento boxes are so smart and functional that they can prevent liquid from coming out. We have soup thermos too. Many people bring miso soup to school or office.


FullSizeRender (15)

This is bento lunch I cooked for my husband, with chopsticks long box and soup thermos and tea thermos.


 In Japan bento boys who cook their own bento are getting spotlight. NHK has a program of showing people’s bento and lunch, it’s quite popular. We are made of what we eat. So comparing meals and cultures is very interesting. Cooking is one of the best ways to show your love. And the love leads to prayers for peace. People who are short tempered and get irritated easily have eating problems, it is often said so. I once again want to be thankful for my happy and delicious every day life.




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