Manga Culture 1, -our geeky spirit-

Hi there! If I make a question to a non-Japanese, “What comes up in your mind at first if you think of Japan?” I assume plenty of people, especially younger generations will answer it as a country of anime and manga.  The popularity of Japanese anime and manga is immense in foreign countries and it is much more influential and predominant than Japanese people would imagine. On this blog, I want to make it a series of 5 articles to dig up the background manga culture for people who love manga so passionately by projecting themselves. I won’t pick up any specific manga to discuss, but rather than that I want to write about the impacts of manga to the Japanese society or the relation with Japanese culture and manga here.


(I’ve wrote about Manga related articles 3 times before. Please have a look here if you are interested! マンガに関連した記事は過去に三つ書いています。もし良ければご一読を!)
We love MANGA, Asari chan
We love MANGA, kochi-kame
Otaku=Geek, the art of classification

First and foremost, it is necessary to point out Japanese mentality in general. Japanese are very geeky and meticulous. When we make something, we like to gather up various kinds of things and information as much as possible and we make an analysis. By analyzing things, we cherish to create one and only world there.  This is the very core backbone of the manga culture.


What I want to say is that we see a thing by taking many approaches from many different angles. To establish a unique world that is based on an originality is highly respected. And many people share sheer joy by appreciating it deeply. For example, you can see a glass in front of you. Not recognizing it just a boring glass receiving it from one aspect, but you ought to see the glass from the side and above and bottom. Hold it with your hand, pour in some water, check the material, survey the manufacturer of the glass, or even associate the word of glass to a mug, a tea cup, and so on. Japanese are very fond of this procedure traditionally and excellent at it.


Japan is a country of manufacturing with much creativity. So if we Japanese make something from scratch, most of us assign very high standard on ourselves and we have pride on creating skillful quality products with decency.


That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you. To be continued….


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