Kawaii = Cute ~sweets deco, Japanese pop culture~

Today, I want to write about Japanese KAWAII. Japan is famous for its love for kawaii or cute culture. We have tons of cute things in Japan. There are so many Japanophiles all over the world and many of them know how to say thank you and hello in JAPANESE. Arigatou and konnichiwa. And among relatively young women, another word, kawaii or cute is well known.


 Japanese kawaii culture is getting well known all over the world. Hello Kitty is an icon for it. And our culture values so much or sometimes too much on the beauty of cuteness. Women love being told to be cute and they don’t like the idea of getting matured in a way. And there are many girly boy idols in Japan. And the girly boys are so popular among young girls.


 Anti aging industry is getting such a lucrative market here. There are zillions of information for women to look younger. And we have a new Japanese buzzword, bimajyo, which means “beautiful witch” . Beautiful witch is someone who is actually older than 35 or 40 yet still looks young and pretty. And many of the beautiful witches hate getting old and make enormous efforts to look young. And don’t get surprised, there is even a “beautiful witch contest”. To tell the truth, I’m not hoping to be friends with those people who are just interested in their appearance and superficial  beauty and not having any interests other than fashion or cosmetics. But maybe that’s not my business. In fashion magazines targeting on women over 30, there is a big issue if a bottle of facial beauty cream costs 10,000 yen (about 100 dollars) is expensive or not.


 One of my American friends who once visited Japan told me that she was so moved by thousands of cute things here. Even a manhole on the street was carved with a cute flower motif. She was so touched. There is a cute elephant doll of Sato Chan which is a mascot character of a pharmaceutical company. I think it’s a really peculiar thing for a medicine company to have a cute elephant doll for their logos. But we Japanese never think that way. And almost all the Japanese know Sato Chan. And we all know Peko Chan of a sweets company. Peko chan is a chubby cute mascot girl who looks so happy. She associates us with happiness when we eat a milk candy of the company. Everybody knows Peko chan in Japan.


FullSizeRender (13)

The picture above is a “sweets deco” clip. Sweets Deco is made in Japan pop culture. Sweets Deco accessory is made by plastic. Featuring cakes, ice cream, doughnuts, whipped cream, chocolate, and things like that. And many girls love making those motifs. I made them two years ago. Aren’t they cute?  And there is a Japanese English, girls who make Sweets Deco is Sweets Decolina. Girls like making those things and the materials for them can be bought at a 100 yen shop (a dollar shop). Anyone can become Sweets Decolina. Japan is Cool, or Cool Japan it is. Japan has such an interesting culture. And many of Sweets Deco products are sold too.


 It’s so much fun to share Japanese Cool Pop Culture here. Everyone, have a good day and night. Sending out good vibrations from Fukuoka, Japan.


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