The Authentic Ueno Park

Hi there. How are you doing? On a rainy day in June, I strolled around Ueno Park in Tokyo with my good friend from university. When walking around the park, we had some quality time together. We shared our good old memories and  exchanged some really deep conversations, how we want to contribute to the society using our own gifts and such. The pond called Shinobazu-no-ike was filled with lotus and it was such a scenic view. I thought the landscape was attractive Japan itself and I almost forgot that it was in the middle of Tokyo. So alluring, it was.


This is a very famous circle shaped pine tree at Shimizu Kannoudou in Ueno Park, named “Moon Pine”.


The pine has a really long history and in Edo period (1603-1868) it became a motif of Ukiyoe woodblock prints. These are works of Utagawa Hiroshige.


I felt it was such an honor to be to able to stand in front of the world of Ukiyoe that gave extraordinary influence all over the world. I was so proud of living in the time and the history of Japan. The forest of Ueno is so spacious and Ueno Park is the very first park of Japan that was enacted. The long history of Ueno park made the place very unique, there exists some temples, shrines, and Japanese style tea houses here and there.


Ueno park fascinates us with outstanding cherry blossoms in spring, and beautiful colored leaves in autumn. If you used to live in Tokyo area, you might have had a date here with your sweetheart when young. Or you might have spent time here talking over your future dreams and hopes with your close friend. I think leaving busy city district and ponder through some themes a bit philosophically is a precious memory for many of you. Ueno park is a perfect place for spending introverted and insightful time with your true friend or all by yourself.


I write this blog for an inbound tourism site, Showcase Tokyo. It is a Tokyo architecture walking tour site and you can join the tour of Ueno Park. The guides of Showcase are all licensed and they are very friendly, attractive, and intellectual. They will give you the best hospitality. Go check out the website and please enjoy the rich time of 3A (academic, artistic, and architectural). You can also participate in a tour of the national museum of Western art, Tokyo that is an UNESCO world heritage site designed by Le Corbusier.

このAya’s Cool Japan Blog の母体である、インバウンド産業の東京建築ツアーSHOWCASE では上野公園ツアーを執り行っています。とても魅力的でインテリジェンス溢れる通訳案内士の資格を持ったガイドが、世界遺産にも登録された国立西洋美術館のある上野公園をご案内しています。詳しくは上のリンクをご覧ください。

That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you!



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