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Ginza Architecture Tour


Ginza, byword for luxury and elegance across Japan for well over a century has gone through several urban planning movements from the shogun’s time in early 1600s. After the big fire of 1872, the Meiji government seized the opportunity to demonstrate Japan’s aspirations to join Western civilization. So then when did the area develop as the premier site for consumption, fashion, chic and elegance?
The architecture definitely helped to create the character of Ginza passing down its history to the future generation.


  1. You will get to see the famous architecture that you have always wanted to see along with the new inspiring works that you didn't know about and know who to look for in future.
  2. You will see the masterpiece from the Japanese Metabolism movement (proposals for a New Urbanism in 1960s to 70s).
  3. You will get to see well-balanced works from traditional to modern.
  4. Tea, coffee break at hidden cafe with our friendly guide to enjoy chatting, exchanging architectural topics and becoming good mates by the end of the tour!


Starting from Tsukiji Hongwan-ji temple adjacent to Tsukiji station. After visiting the newly built Kabuki theater (2013) inheriting the traditional style from the past generation we will move on to the most outstanding Nakagin Capsule tower from the Metabolism movement. We then continue on to Nicolas G. Hayek Center, Maison Hermes, Tokyu Plaza Ginza, Mikimoto Ginza 2, the Okuno Building and finish up at the intersection of Ginza 4-chome where the Wako building stands.
We will also take a secret side trip to see the backstreet neighborhood to appreciate the different aspects of the area. We will stop by at a cafe to have a short break while walking and enjoy some conversation (drinks at the cafe will be paid by individual).

Meeting point

In front of the gate of Tsukiji Hongwan-ji temple. Get out of Exit 1 of Tsukiji station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line), turn left and walk straight for less than a minute.

Tour fee

12,000yen for a single guest
18,000yen for 2 guests (9,000yen p/p)
24,000yen for 3 guests (8,000yen p/p)
30,000yen for 4 guests (7,500yen p/p)
35,000yen for 5 guests (7,000yen p/p)

What's included

Guiding fee
(Please note that the meals, drinks, transportation fee to/from Tsukiji/Ginza station of the participants will not be included in the tour fee


3 hours
Morning tour starts at 10:00am and ends at 13:00pm
Afternoon tour starts at from 13:00 pm and ends at 16:00pm
Also a tour of 3 hours from your preferred time can be arranged upon request.


  1. Please keep in your mind that this is a walking tour, so you will be walking fair bit of distance (but with breaks in between).
  2. No age limit, however children who can enjoy walking together till the end of tour may join.
  3. Since this is a small group tour, last-minute reservations cannot be accepted.

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