Shibuya and Hachiko, the loyal dog

Hi there! How are you doing? I want to write about my trip to Tokyo again. I live in Fukuoka in a Kyushu island, and from time to time I visit Tokyo. So I hope I can write more topics on Tokyo that is a base station of promoting Cool Japan to the world.


I went to Shibuya Hachiko, and I felt that the time has changed a lot . About 20 years ago when I was an university student in Tokyo, Hachiko was just a useful meeting spot for Tokyoites. However, it seems the place turned out to be a famous landmark for foreign tourists. Many tourists were making a long line to have a photoshoot with Hachiko. Hachiko was a legendary loyal dog that he honored and loved his master who was a scholar at University of Tokyo. Hachiko devoted his life to love his master, even after his master passed away. The story is very famous in Japan and Hollywood made a movie based on the true story starring Richard Gear. I suppose the story of Hachiko is featured in many countries.

This is from Wikipedia,  Hachiko, a dog’s tale.

渋谷のハチ公前に行って、時代は変わったなあ、としみじみ思わせる場面に出くわしました。私が東京で学生時代を送っていた二十年前は、ハチ公前は待ち合わせをする便利な場所という位置付けでしたが、今はどうやら有名な観光名所になっているみたいで、多くの旅行者が長い列を作って記念撮影をしていました。ハチ公の忠犬ぶりをアメリカ版に書き換え、ハリウッド映画もなったリチャード・ギア主演の映画 ”Hachiko, a dog’s tale” の影響もあるのかもしれません。インバウンド産業は着実に力強く伸びている分野なのだということがよく分かりました。どこかの国のガイドブックやメディアで、ハチ公のことが大きく取り上げられて有名になっているのでしょう。

This is a scrambled junction in Shibuya that is very famous.


I see many foreigners in the city recently. The number of cafe clerks who can serve the customers in English is increasing also. Yes. Japan is getting international.


I walked around Shibuya Center Gai and the city was vigorous as ever. I think Shibuya is much like MyongDong in Seoul, Korea. Or MyongDong was developed by a city planning modeled after Shibuya? Anyway, Tokyo is such an exciting metropolis that seems to have a unity looking forward to the Tokyo Olympics Games in 2020.


That’s all for today. Blessings to each one of you! See you soon!


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