Extravagance at RYOKAN, traditional Japanese inn

Hi there! Today I want to introduce traditional Japanese inn, RYOKAN. Of course there are so many functional, convenient, and  modern style hotels all across Japan. However, if you want to experience authentic Japanese culture, I do recommend you to stay at a RYOKAN.


At any RYOKAN, they have hot spring public bath or private bath at each room.  Please relax and rinse off your fatigue of your daily life.


And put on an easy style kimono and a simple coat called Yukata and Tanzen. All the guests put on the same Yukata and Tanzen, so you can feel some kind of unity there.


And it’s time for the special dinner! Hospitality of the chefs are represented on each plate. In Japanese there is an expression to enjoy wonderful meal as “drum your tongue with the joy of eating”.

そして夕食の心尽くしの和のお料理に舌鼓を打ってください。料理人達のおもてなし=Japanese Hospitality が一皿一皿に表現されています。

The cuisines are all so delicate and elaborate. You would be impressed and make a big sigh. At RYOKAN, you can experience WASHOKU that became UNESCO world heritage. Each RYOKAN will serve you dishes that used the local seafood, beef, chicken, pork, eggs, and vegetables. Often the times they serve you the local fruits confectionary  for the dessert. The plates they use are Japanese traditional potteries also. It’s a must to enjoy WASHOKU with Japanese potteries.


The older the RYOKAN ages, the lovelier it becomes.


If you are an architecture lover, you might have read a book written by Jyuiichirou Tanizaki titled “In Praise of Shadows”. Tanizaki defined the beauty of Japanese housings are decided by the shadows they treasure. The ratio of the light and the shadow should be 20%:80%, he wrote. Many of RYOKANs still preserve the world of Tanizaki aesthetics. On the wall of a room, you can see a hanging scroll with a painting or a work of calligraphy. It is changed each month and the room is decorated with seasonal flowers. At night kimono styled maid will come to your room to prepare sets of futon to sleep.


It’s also a fun time to play pingpong after taking a public hot spring inside of the RYOKAN and drink coffee with milk.


That’s all for today. See you seen. Blessings to each one of you!


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