Bakery in Japan is amazing!

Today I want to write about wonderful bread and bakery culture in Japan. The biggest preconception of foreigners to have is that Japan is famous for sushi and tempura and that’s it. No! No! No! We have top notch bread culture here. I believe bread in Japan is the best in the world. So  many tourists who come to Japan are deeply moved by the greatness of our bakery bread. And the variety of bread is stunning in each bakery.


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And you know what? These bread is all made of  rice powder. Powdered rice bread is not in the main stream, yet it is absolutely my most favorite. Yesterday I went to this local powdered rice bread bakery and found that there are 85 kinds of bread. Isn’t it unbelievable? And all the rice is grown in my small town. It can be said it is a cool eat local practice. My favorite bread is carmeled nuts bread. The texture of the bread is so nice and chewy. I’m so proud of this invention of powdered rice bread. JAPANESE are so industrious and make up interesting ideas and work so very hard to make amazing products.


There’s a popular bread cooking machine called “home bakery” and they sell well. You can make a loaf of bread with the machine. If you turn on a switch before going to bed, really nice and yummy bread is ready by the next morning. My English student once brought the bread,  she put in dried figs and walnuts and it was so delicious. We had a lovely tea time.


If you are one of those Japanopliles, you might know the word, gambaru, which means I’m so eager to work hard. And the gambaru spirit is everywhere in Japan. I joke with my American friend, saying, “I’m a hard worker! I have JAPANESE gambaru spirit!”

このことからも分かるように、日本人は全てのことに対して道を見つけ、細部にまで目を光らせて細かい工夫を施して、その道を極めてゆくのが何よりも好きな国民ですね。日本人は勤勉な努力家で、私はよくアメリカ人の友人にI have JAPANESE ガンバル spirit! と言って笑いあっていますよ。



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