Ukiyoe, the Traditional Art

Hi there! One of my husband and my favorite topics to talk is complimenting the beauty of Japan. COOL JAPAN! Or Japan is COOL! We love “praising” Japan. What a lovely country! There are so so many sweet-hearted people! Japanese geeky spirit is so cool that we dig up everything very deeply and find the meanings in every detail and make a way in the specific field. The food is awesome! Some of Japanese speak ill of Japan, but their masochistic mentality is so intelligent that they can speak bad about ourselves! And on and on. Every day, we keep telling one another how wonderful Japan and Japanese are.


Last night, I had a happening and we came to a conclusion of Viva! Japan! once again. I scratched my eye when taking off a contact lense and it seemed bleeding. Actually it wasn’t bleeding but the red scar on my white eye made me frightened. I got panicked and husband took me to an emergency hospital. Nurses and a woman doctor there were all so kind and capable. I love good-hearted capable ladies a lot. And the medical expense was only about 25 dollars. The medical workers looked like angels.

昨夜もとあるハプニングがあり、また再びビバ!ニッポン! の思いを熱くしました。コンタクトを取る時に白目を引っ掻いてしまい、白目から血が出たかのような様相を呈してしまったのです。私、怖くなって半分パニックに。深夜でしたが、夫が都市高速を飛ばして急患センターまで連れて行ってくれました。そこで働く看護師さんや眼科の女医さん達の優しくてしっかりしていて仕事が出来ることに感動しました。ニッポンの優しい有能な女達っていいですね。白目の引っ掻き傷はじきに散るから安心してよいとのこと。医療費はおよそ三千円ほどでした。

My husband and I went to have an early summer young leaves driving date yesterday. Bought this Ukiyoe hanky and wooden spoons at a shop, then went to a pottery village, Agano in the early evening. My friend’s husband is a potter, whose family has been doing the pottery business generation after generation nearly 400 years. They have a magnificent Japanese garden and they keep numbers of carp  in a pond. Colorful carp swimming in the pond  made us feel so soothed. The relation of the light and moss, ecology system in the garden was interesting to know. Huge camphor tree they have is over 300 years old! I heard that carp is the fish of Japan. Like cherry blossom is the flower of  Japan. So very interesting. I bought the small chopstick-rests from the potter.

FullSizeRender (9)


I’m interested in art and love visiting art museums and seeing beautiful things. In my spare time, I love seeing art books and imagine this or that. I appreciate this peaceful time a lot. And among all, I love Uliyoe a lot. Though I don’t have any specific knowledge nor background, I just see them as beautiful. Japanese poets about 100 years ago adored France, and they made poems about France. Craving to go visit so badly, yet France is so far away. And same was true for French Impressionists such as Van Goah and Monet. They dreamed of Japan and wanted to come visit our nation.  And many more artists loved and respected Japan also. Ukiyoe made a huge impact for the culture in Europe and America.

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Well, that’s it for today. Have a great day! With good vibrations!


*You can see plenty of beautiful works of Ukiyoe here.

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