INSTANT RAMEN is cross-cultural

Hi there! Today’s topic is instant ramen. Ramen at a ramen shop is always so nice and tasty. But we also love cooking instant ramen at home. The pic below is my favorite instant ramen of Japan. It’s miso ramen. My friend who is half Japanese and half Korean told me that in Korea people eat instant ramen at ramen shop. I was surprised as in Japan no ramen shop would  serve instant ramen for customers.


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Instant ramen was originally invented in Japan. Nissin Shokuhin is the company which invented instant ramen, and it is widely known that Empress Michiko of Japan is a daughter of Nissin Shokuhin president. This instant ramen and instant noodle have widely spreaded all around Asian countries. I sometimes cook Singaporean instant noodle or Thai instant noodle, I know they contain many preservatives though… I love watching Korean dramas and learning Korean, and in the dramas actors and actresses are often eating instant ramen. I crave for ramen every time I see those scenes, and I guess I’m not the only one…


When I was a freshman of university, I home stayed at fisherman’s village in Malaysia with my classmates. And after the home stay program, 3 of my girl friends and I became backpackers and went down Malay peninsula. And when we got to Singapore, we were deeply moved by the fashionable atmosphere of the small tropical country. There used to be an international supermarket named Yaohan. I bought many kinds of instant ramen from Singapore and Malaysia and Thai.


Ramen was originally produced in China and it has changed a lot in Japan or Hong Kong or Taiwan. And instant ramen invented in Japan spreaded all over East Asian countries and Sout East Asian countries. Food culture is way much more powerful and flexible than political issues. In Asia there are many problems between neighboring countries. I have many international friends, and I think truly international people are open to foreign cultures, they seem so natural and spontaneous. They are global citizens and so down to earth. They enjoy life and welcome diversities. So relaxed and rich in mind in a very good way. I really love them a lot. And in the same way, I believe the message of Love and Peace would go around the world with good breezy vibrations!Have a good day, everyone!


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