Christmas, we exchange love

Hi there! It’s in late November and the city of Fukuoka started to decorate for Christmas. Christmas light is beautifully flashing at night time. People get excited around this time of the year thinking about the friends and family they love dearly. Christmas is the day that Jesus Christ was born, yet Japan isn’t a Christian country so the day is something like lovers share romantic time together or family members get together to enjoy a feast.


Even though many Japanese people are not Christians, they say one another “Merry Christmas!” with a big smile and they share their love and exchange their good intentions. I believe Jesus is looking at us so gently and calmly from the heaven above in this world wide celebration season.


I took this picture of Fukuoka Landmark Tower the other day.


The tower is lit up with a Christmas tree. You can see it if you look closely. And also, street trees around Hakata station are lit up beautifully.


I started to decorate our home sweet home too.


Preparing for presents thinking about the person you care so much about, or making presents using your creativity, or cooking gorgeous dinner for your family, all of these are love languages of your own and each one of you who think hard to make your loved ones happy are Santa Clauses. Abundant blessings to all those Santa Clauses! This world is rolling with people’s good and warm vibrations. I pray each one of you have grace and affluent blessings in this special season. With much love!




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