JAPAN in Taiwan ~the Japan colonization~

Hi there! I took a bit early summer vacation and visited Taiwan in early July. Taiwan is a big Japanophile place and they love Japanese people and things so much. I visited there for the second time and I really loved it once again. This time, I visited not only the capital city Taipei, but also Tainan taking a bullet train which was constructed with the support of Japanese railway system and technology.


Yes! Tainan Night!


IMG_0707 7

This classically beautiful architecture  is a Japanese department store, called Hayashi department store which was built in the era of Japanese colonization. The interior is chic also. Japanese colonization back in 1895-1945 worked so well in Taiwan and people there love Japan and Japanese so much up until now.



Tainan city was filled with green and the air was so refreshing. I walked around old towns and found plenty of photogenic sights.


IMG_0788 9


IMG_0805 4

There were many street vendors and they were selling various kinds of Japanese toys such as Totoro or Super Mario or Doraemon. They do love Japan from the bottom of their hearts!


And even deeper nostalgia hit me when I came across this movie theater. Back in the days when I was a junior high school student, movie theaters in Japan also did have such huge hand painted sign boards but not anymore!


IMG_0771 5


I felt as if I met long lost friends in Taiwan. To be continued…


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