High School Life, the discipline you acquire

In Japan there are many traditonal high schools all across the country. They have long history and often the times so competitive to enter. And those high schools are deeply loved by the locals. In Fukuoka prefecture Munakata city where I live, we have Munakata high school.


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I’m not from Munakata high school, but all the siblings of my mother and herself graduated from Munakata high school. Therefore, I have some kind of nepotism toward the high school.


Munakata high school used to have an agricultural department and they used to possess rice fields. And the rice fileds turned out to be spacious ground of the high school. They have 2 grounds and Japanese archery field and tennis courts. I visited there in an afternoon of a lazy Saturday and hundreds of students were playing sports. There is a running course for the students around the presmises and I found some banana trees. The atmosphere is a bit like  South East Asia!



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In Japanes there is a term “bunbu-ryodou”, which means both studying and playing sports are equally important. I personally believe the cultural level of the people are judged by the education they had. It’s a basic truth that if you work hard when young and if you gain and learn something precious through it, the experience will influence you for the rest of your life.


I belonged to tennis club in junior high school and English Speaking Club in high school. When I saw the students playing sports that day, I remembered a very funny memory of my tennis club practice.  We used to practice tennis under the scorching heat in mid summer, and my team mate made a tanka poem dreaming of wheat tee.  It goes….

Oh I do miss

The taste of the wheat tea

Come on Come on

Break time Come on







Being young is wonderful. Haha!



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