What is art? The joy of creativity

Hi there! Today’s theme is about ART. When I was in university in Tokyo, I went to see a movie in Shibuya alone. The title was “How to Make an American Quilt”. The movie was so beautiful and the story was about each history of ladies how they overcame their own challenges and scars of their souls. And one of the ladies said a line that expressing yourself makes your wounded soul healed. She was gluing dishes or glasses on the wall which she had broken and making it an art. I thoroughly understood the meaning of it. Strong artistic drive that you want to express something is triggered by your soul which is desiring to heal yourself. Weather you recognize it or not, to express something means to make your inner world visible and you appreciate it objectively.


Some decades ago, there was an artistic movement in Japan to value beauty of hand made daily necessities such as dishes or kitchen utensils. In 20th century Germany, it was advocated that the society would be a better place if each individual expresses his/her creativity. And it was said each one of us are artists. In Nordic countries they have long winters and to enjoy the long winters cozy at home, they developed a beautiful furniture culture and they enjoy interior designs. All of us know that art and beauty are something really precious and they are good things which make us rich and happy.


We are living in the 21st century and we know that to express ourselves through SNS or blogs is so much fun. And it is almost crucial for us. If you cook something delicious, you want to show it and share it with your friends. You also enjoy uploading beautiful sunsets or fashionable cafes. It might be not reaching to a standard of being artistic, but you are hoping for getting likes from your friends. You want to express something and you want to have approval from others.


Art is a thing that is polished more with sophistication from a viewpoint of strict objectivity. Therefore, expressing something can’t be an art always. But it can be said as artistic in my opinion. Somebody who is artistic knows a perfect balance. It’s not about adding up excessively, rather than that it’s about chipping off extra unnecessary things. And when I see someone who is truly artistic, I can’t help but say “Gee, you are good.”


To be continues… See you on the next blog! Have a great day!




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