Kana Nishino, the moment you fall in love

Congratulations Kana Nishino for winning the Japan Record Award 2016!!! I continue writing about her more. Have you ever seen a sight of someone falling in love? It’s so moving as if you are seeing a breath of spring. When my husband and I went to Kana’s concert for the first time, Kana showed up on the stage singing a song of “Koisuru kimochi” , feeling of love, sitting on a swing with so many flowers which was hang from the ceiling. And husband next to me was moved silently and made a deep breath, and fell in love with Kana. Her stunning singing technique and very cute appearance were so great. And she said she gave so many ideas for the concert stage effects. And they were not edgy nor arty at all, rather than that I could feel some warmth of hand made like a university festival in a sense. Her charming character was springing up. I, also was so attracted to Kana on the day.



We went to a small concert of Kana for the second time. We were so lucky to see her in the front raw. She’s such a people person and loves talking with the audience. I was so lucky to ask her if she could play the piano. She said she can play it and told me that she used to practice when little. So very glad to have a talk with Kana!


Kana has  confidence in herself. She still speaks with an accent of her country town. And she’s always so spontaneous. She is a country girl and she is proud of it. If she is fish, she’s grown up and still lives in the ocean, not from a fish farm, I would say. I once talked with a plastic surgery beauty and felt so unease when speaking with her. Cause her emotions don’t come out to her facial expressions and I couldn’t figure out what she was thinking about. It was scary too.


People love beauty of imperfection. And being natural and spontaneous is much stronger than being theatrical or artificial. I don’t like the ideas of plastic surgery or going on a too stoic diet or giving oppression to yourself or having a fake good person mask. Rather than modifying yourself in such unnatural ways, you should accept who you are and make efforts as much as you can to bloom a beautiful flower of yourself. I believe beauty of a woman thrives in the circumstance.


That’s all for this year. Blessings to you all in 2017!




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