Anime, the popularity of DORAEMON

Hi there! Today I want to focus on our anime culture. Japanese anime is immensely popular all around the world and I think it might be fun to write about some of the anime stories from my Japanese perspective. When thinking about writing a new content of my blog, I think hard and try to concentrate. Then so many ideas flow into my mind. I jot down those ideas on my notebook and rewrite many times. I love the process so much. And when it’s done, I can see nobody’s but my own very personal world just in front of me.


First I want to write about Doraemon. Look at the picture. He is a cat style robot who was eaten up the ears by a mouse. He came here from the future. I don’t know if Doraemon is very famous in Western countries, yet he is like a super hero in all around Asian countries. As it’s fall at the moment so he made a pose on a carpet of fallen leaves.



When I was 18 years old, I home-stayed in a fisherman’s village in Malaysia. My classmates, Malay major students 15 of us went together. It was such a jolly summer and all the memories I made in the kampon (village) are still very special for me. Everybody loves Doraemon there so passionately. The kids were talking about their love for Doraemon and we sang the theme song of Doraemon in a van all together. We were going beside a rubber plantation and it was very Malaysia. Yes, the theme song was translated from Japanese into Malaysian.

18才の夏にマレーシアの田舎町でホームステイした時に、彼の地でのドラえもん人気にびっくりしました。マレーシア語訳されたドラえもんの主題歌を、ゴム園の脇を走るバンの中でみんなで一緒に歌ったことを懐かしく思い出します。♫ハイ、タケコプター〜♫ の歌詞が ♫Baling Baling Bambu〜♫ となって、声を合わせて笑いあって。

For honeymoon, we visited Singapore. I wanted to show my husband the atmosphere of South East Asia which I majored when I was in university. Before we went to the Night Safari, we dropped in at a drug store to buy insect repellent  spray to protect ourselves from malaria. The spray had so strong smell and very stinky, but we thought it would work just right. And the spray was in a Doraemon bottle. Yes, Doraemon is such a popular guy there!


Doraemon theme song in English here

I’ll write more about Japanese anime in the next blog post. Hope you are looking forward to it!


That’s all for today! Have a lovely day and night! With good vibrations!



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