teaching ORIGAMI in Alaska

Hi there! Today I want to write about ORIGAMI. The word, ORIGAMI is written on Oxford English dictionary and it is a widely known international word came out from Japanese, same as SUSHI or TEMPURA.

今日は伝統文化であり、私達にも身近な折り紙について書いてみます。ORIGAMI という言葉は、もうとっくにオックスフォード英語辞典に入っている国際共通語です。(スシやテンプラと同じです)



I made ORIGAMI paper cranes. 折り鶴作ってみました。

When I was still single, I visited my friends couple in Cordova, Alaska. Cordova is in deep country and it’s a small fishermen’s village. All the people there know one another and they live harmoniously with Christian spirit. It was so nice and soothing to stay in the village. I felt such  primitive joy coming up from the bottom of myself when seeing wild glacier, huge ponds, an otter floating in the sea, bold eagles on top of a birch tree, a wild bear passing by the road and salmons swimming in the crystal clear river and so on.

Go check Cordova, Alaska!


My friend was working as an aid at a grade school and she asked me to come over to the school and teach the kids how to fold ORIGAMI. It was such an exciting request, so I visited the school and taught ORIGAMI to the kids as a guest teacher. I taught them how to make a tricky boat and a camera. The kids were so attracted to my lecture and they made ORIGAMI camera with so much fun. And I took a “picture” of the teacher with the “camera” and took out a tiny drawing picture of the teacher from the “camera” which I prepared beforehand, the kids were soooo surprised and clapped me with such an excitement! And my friend told me even the next day the kids were taking “pictures” by “cameras” one another and giving teeny tiny drawing “pictures” each other.


Another  friend from Seattle told me in her 6th grade class, she did a big ORIGAMI project taking a whole year and it was such a good memory of hers. When I was in my 9th grade, I stayed in Seattle for 2 months and went to school there for 2 weeks. I remember a class when we made ORIGAMI. I made them without difficulties and my classmates were impressed with me. It’s a piece of cake for JAPANESE to fold ORIGAMI, but it’s not so to many Americans I came to know.


These are ORIGAMI paper I bought at a 100 yen shop, a dollar shop. The UKIYOE ORIGAMI paper and the traditional patterns ORIGAMI paper are so beautiful!



It’s so much fun sharing our COOL JAPAN culture with people all around the world. ORIGAMI paper crane is representing peace prayer. I pray that prayer for the world peace would be conveyed by those ORIGAMI paper cranes.


That’s all for today, sending out good vibrations to the world! Have a blessed day and night!



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