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Who I am...

I was born and raised in Tokyo.
I have graduated architect course in University and hold 1st class registered architect license. Have experience of working in Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand and North America as a projects construction manager. After retirement, I enjoy working as licensed guide and spending sometime with 5 grandkids.

Architectures I like...

I am interested in introducing characteristics of Japanese traditional architecture like Shinto Shrine, Buddhist temple and residential buildings. Perhaps from that reason, my favorite architect is a Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma. He is great at creating unique space by utilizing locally available materials like wood, bamboo and so on. I could share you lots of fun trivias about Japanese carpentry too.

Favorite quote...

In Japan, we have a proverb "Rolling stone gathers no moss".
However the meaning is actually opposite to that of western proverb. As it shows, it is interesting to know different culture; it is interesting to enjoy architecture developed in different culture.

My pastime...

I love to stroll through the alleys for great photo opportunity.

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