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Who I am...

majored in Japanese and English Linguistic Cultures at university.
While living in Osaka for 6 years I have visited various old temples and shrines in Kyoto and Nara. I love old traditional Japanese architectures as well as contemporary ones. Looking forward to share a great time with you in Tokyo, an ideal city where you can enjoy both type of architectures.

My favorite architects...

Art Museum and Library Ota, Gunma. Designed by Akihisa Hirata.
I’m still looking for a best word to describe this work, but definitely the most beautiful and unique library I’ve ever seen!
It’s a bit far from Tokyo...about 2 hours by train, but worth spending your time for this!

My favorite quote...

Happiness lies in contentment.
I know…it’s not easy...

As a bonsai enthusiast I love...

Japanese juniper and black pine.
Besides from being an architecture guide, I also gives lecture on bonsai for bonsai beginners. Ask me anything about bonsai!

On my past time I will go for...

I have no doubt that this is one of the best inventions of the 20th century. My favorite is famous Enka , a Japanese blues, "Tsugarukaikyo Fuyugeshiki" singing about the broken heart woman traveling back to her hometown up North of Japan. You can blow your small worries away and see a clear blue sky after singing loudly! (even how devastating the song is!)

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