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Who I am...

My professional career as an investment banker was started after I got LLB degree. I worked for the Japanese companies in Tokyo, London and Manila and then for the Swiss Bank Corporation (present UBS) in Tokyo in the corporate finance and private banking division as a director. After I have two children, son and daughter, I became “an education-minded mother” and spent happy life for 10 years. But one day, I found that I need something to do not for children but for myself. That is a reason why I became a guide. Now, I really enjoy my days with my guests from all over the world. I love talking about Japanese culture, history and people. I also explain Japanese business protocol to my guests as a lecturer. I am looking forward to meeting you in Tokyo.

My favorite architecture is...

Teahouses, for example, Nakajima-no-ochaya in Hama-rikyu Gardens in Cyuo city, Tokyo. I studied tea ceremonies for three years and would like to share this beautiful tradition with my guests.

My favorite quotes are...

"Where there is a will, there is a way."
"Heaven helps those who help themselves"
.... and .....
"Tomorrow is another day" (*´?`*)

And I am qualified to ...

  • International Kikisake-shi (Master of SAKE, SAKE ・Service Institute International )
  • SAKE DIPLOMA (Japan Sommelier Association)
  • WSET level 3 Award in Sake(Tasting)
  • Wine Expert (Japan Sommelier Association)
  • WSET level 2 Award in Wine and Spirits
I am very happy to introduce Japanese tasty Sake and Wine to you !

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