Invitation to participate in a renovation project of Nakagin Capsule Tower.

“Hello! RENOVATION” project by real estate agency, ENJOYWORKS will be holding briefing session on a Capsule Renovation Project on September 2 (Saturday) for who want to think of ideas on new usage of old capsule or who want to support the project.

(About Hello!RENOVATION)

Along with the briefing, Showcase Tokyo Architectural Tours will be navigating you through Nakagin Capsule Tower and its’ capsules to stimulate your creativity!!


Date: 2nd Sept, 2017 (Sat)

Time: ①10:00-11:00  ②11:-12:00 ③12:00-13:00 ④13:00-14:00  ⑤14:00-15:00

Fee: 1500 yen per person  
Details: After visiting few capsules, we would be holding briefing session (including the crowdfunding method explanation) and brainstorm together about the usage of the capsule.

To register for the session with the tour, please send your name (all the name of the participants if it was more than one person), nationality, your contact info, preferred session time and your ideas on capsule renovation to

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